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"Without the courts, the child of gays and lesbians is caught up in a quandary of legal mumbo-jumbo called 'standing.'  

Who has standing?  By Florida law, non-biological parents do not have clear standing for their children.

Consequently there must be a high level of cooperation between the two parents of the child to work out an amicable agreement. 

I would like to see us fight for these rights.  Work on getting the community to understand this is a very emotional and potentially damaging issue to our children.

It destroys peoples lives and leaves them emotionally spent and damaged.  Who knows what the long-term meaning is for the children."
from the article, by Lisa Coons-Andersen


We 2 Have Parental Rights, is a website focused on bringing to light the on-going efforts for legal fairness when dealing with the gay and lesbian family.

Although gay and lesbian issues have never been more at the forefront in the judicial and legislative arenas, many jurisdictions and states still refuse to treat a family involving a same-sex couple with the same standards as heterosexual couples. In this new century, it is a goal for law makers and people in power to recognize that the innate face of the family is changing, and that the delicate bonds that hold people together must be dealt with using understanding, fairness, and with an eye to the well being of our most innocent, the children.

This site is an attempt to bring together the resources, individuals, and focus needed to help fight for Parental Rights for everyone, and protect the important relationship between the child and the parent first.

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